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City of Vancouver Can Tax Empty Homes

  The B.C. government will give the City of Vancouver the powers it needs to implement an empty home tax, provincial Finance Minister Mike de Jong announced this morning. “It strikes us that if the city wants to do this, it is a reasonable request on their

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Realty listing errors are no joke

It is the agent's professional and legal responsibility to make sure that the listing information are accurate.  Although sometimes it is impossible to do so.  However, the agent should try his/her best to verify the informaiton available.   Realty listing errors are no joke Chicago Tribune "Sometimes

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Getting a Small Business Loan From the Canadian Government

    Canadian government is quite a popular subject, and you will find some information in the article below. This should help you get started on your search for information. I hope you find the article relevant, and that you will share it with others. Do let

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