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Solar panels and grants (Canada)

If you are thinking of getting alternative energy for your house, you really should read this.

Solar panels are becoming more and more popular. Did you know Canada government offers grants for those who would like to try solar panels? We offer you complete list of grants and tax credits for private installation of solar panels (photo by lcrf).

I have always felt the need to protect our environment, just like many of you. Being a realtor from Toronto, I am always looking for new opportunities to make green living more affordable either for my clients or for whoever is interested. Today I will have a look at how the Canadian government supports solar energy.

Why energy from solar panels?

The biggest advantage of solar energy is its environment-friendliness. With more people generating and using their own solar energy, less of "dirty" energy will need to be produced. With the price of energies increasing fast in the last couple of years, many countries all over the world started to subsidize the clean energy over the conventional energy. Yes, Canada is among them.


Home energy audit is the no. 1 condition for you to be eligible of any state grants, so let’s have a look at what is involved.
– In order to get grants, don’t start any installations or renovations BEFORE your home energy audit.
– All the renovations or installations must be accomplished within 18 months after the evaluation.
– To ensure you will have no problems claiming all your government grants, don’t forget to store all your documentation and receipts and even take photos during the works.
-Don’t forget to book your second, which is an important part of the Energy Audit. You will not be able to receive any grants without it.

A note about the cost: The home energy audit will cost you at least $498.75 (first visit $341.25, the second visit $157.50, inc. GST) or a little more (depends on the sq ft of your home). The government will refund you $150 towards the cost of the first evaluation visit.

The federal and provincial grants

Basically at the moment there are two solar technologies that are available to masses: the solar photovoltaic system (sunlight –> electricity) and the solar thermal system (sunlight –> hot water). But no matter what you choose, the government is here to help you. There’s a nice sum of up to $500 from the federal government, should you choose a system that is in compliance with the CAN/CSA standards. There’s still about 2 years left for you to apply for the grant – until the end of March 2011. The Ontario government decided to match the federal grant, which gives you an opportunity to receive up to $1000 for your new solar energy system. Another good news is that you can claim a refund of the 8% RST from the Ontario government.

Currently you can only claim the RST on the equipment purchased until the end of 2009.

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